The Conservationist's Way, created by the LoraKim Joyner, Unitarian Univeraslist minister and wildlife veterinarian working in Latin American avian conservation for 28 years, is about nourishing our inner life as we nurture our outer life, at the same time, for they are inextricable. When we contribute to one we contribute to the other, and cannot have one without the other. We must learn to solve problems, mine, yours, theirs, and ours, out of a consciousness that our inner lives are radically interconnected to the world around us, indeed there is no separation. All life comes out of the stars and out of oceans, swimming eternally in a sea of beauty. Unfortunately this sea is also full of predators, pollution, and loss of biodiversity. This is no easy task before us. There is much that has been lost, and much yet to conserve. To succeed we must challenge the norms around us, constantly strive to affirm the inherent worth and dignity of the individuals who make up nature’s whole, do the deep and painful work of rewiring our brains away from violence or withdrawal, and practice the tools that both embrace and build upon human nature. 

            The Conservationist's Way emphasizes tools which are practices for self-nurturance.  These tools for personal well-being and strength ultimately direct our attention outward, and move us beyond tinkering to actually constructing the world in which we wish to live, so that all may live well. Each step along the conservationist's way is fundamentally about beauty so that we can live with the tragedy, and find a way for all to flourish.

            To read more about Dr. LoraKim Joyner, pleases visit her blog and website.

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