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Agenda for a Nurture Nature Group

Nurture Nature Groups follow the general format of successful small group gatherings. In particular, these groups follow the outline of the book, "The Conservationist's Way" and the Conservationist's Meditation. 

Open: Understand the Call - Study and Reflection

Listen: Hear the Call - Be Embraced by Nature

Nurture: Respond to the Call - Exercises and Reflection

Conserve: Respond to the Call of All - Embrace Others

Going Forth

1. Opening Words. Choose a short inspirational reading or meditation that addresses the theme of the group gathering.

2.  Check-in.  Invite everyone to give an update on how they are doing in general, as well as in following the Conservationist's Way.  How has each been nurtured or need nurturing since the last meeting? Allow space between each person's sharing with silence, and end with several minutes of silence after all have shared.  This is a time for deep listening, and not discussion.

3.  Understand the Call - Study and Reflection.  Pick a reading or sharing of a story that comes for the fields of science, biology, ecology, evolution, history, psychology, behavior, interpersonal neurobiology, cognitive ethology, etc.  Readings may come from The Conservationist's Way as you progress through it chapter by chapter in this group.  Another book may also be selected, or recording or video.  Discuss the material and what it means for you. How does it impact your feeling, thinking, or action?

4. Hear the Call - Be Embraced by Nature.  Engage in an embodied immersion into nature.  This could be a walk outdoors, cloud or star gazing, or listening to a story from others of how they have been nurtured by nature.  Discuss your response to this. How are you nurtured?  Changed?

5. Respond to the Call - Exercises and Reflection.  Choose an exercise that goes along with steps #3 and/or #4.  You may use exercises in The Conservationist's Way or design your own. Discuss and reflect on how this nurtures you, or changes you.

6.  Respond to the Call of All - Embrace Others.  Discuss possible tweaks to your daily activities or future plans.  What do you dream to do for others?  How can you be nurtured in ways to make this possible?  What can you commit to do for others, and with others.  Is there anything this group can do together?

7. Going Forth.  End with reviewing the groups covenant and action steps. How did you do?  Are there any changes to either of these?  Then share gratitudes and  blessings for yourself, one another, and this earth.  End with a meditation, song, prayer, poem, or reading to send each other out into the world, nurtured and nurturing.

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